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“It means saying a big 'yes' to life, and running away from nothing. It's not easy. The problem is that each one of us had an idea of how meditation should look, and we try to fight anything that strays from that view.”

~ meditating with Open Dharma

“Lying down for meditation is “filled with surprising benefits for experienced meditators, who have perhaps managed to master a degree of mind control and can sit in silent meditation without much effort, but the loss of control experienced in lying down meditation can open new doors of understanding and vision for them.”

~ “Call me a pregnant woman”

“Other miracles: many 'serious practitioners' walk into our home listless but forget their drama within minutes of playing peek-a-boo.”

~ “Home stretch”

“Delighting in being willing and welcomed to love completely.”

~ "Bless your heart" (dharma talk)

"One of my teachers Papaji, used to say when, especially if I happen to follow my intuition and do something kind of courageous, then he would say "Ah, mountain of merit at your back". Meaning like having a mountain of merit behind you allows your flow to lead this way, allows you to do that courageous thing, but he would always say, "Mountain of merit at your back"."

~ Interview with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in November 2011

In November, 2011, Jaya interviews Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in Berkeley, California about embodiment and spirituality.

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