what is open dharma meditation retreat
~ What is a retreat?

Our overall emphasis on retreat is on helping each person find her or his unique path, and on tapping into the grace of the deep heart beyond emotions.

Apart from meetings with facilitators, our retreats are held in silence. There are meetings with facilitators in group interviews, and the opportunity for one-to-one meetings.

Participants are expected to stay for the whole retreat.

There can be a temptation to think of retreat as either hard work or simply a break to relieve the stress of our busy lifestyles. However, to allow this subtle and powerful training to have the greatest impact, it is best to come to the retreat as rested as possible.

On Open Dharma retreats different factors work together to create an atmosphere of profound creativity and stillness where we can feel free to be ourselves and welcome a free life. Most retreats include the following elements:

~ Sample schedule

We often experiment with different formats and schedules, and a schedule must also adapt to the rhythm of the host center and culture. Below is a schedule used in Spain just to give a flavor of the days on retreat.

One possible retreat schedule:

06:00 wake up

06:30 connected movement
(yoga, chi gong, walk with the group or individual exercises)

07:15 rest

07:30 meditation in the hall

08:15 breakfast

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09:15 meditation in action (duties)

10:00 rest

10:15 meditation in the hall with instructions

11:15 walking meditation (and some group interviews)

12:00 meditation in the hall (and some group interviews)

12:45 lunch and rest

15:45 meditation in the hall (sometimes guided)

16:30 walking meditation

17:15 teachings

18:15 walking meditation

19:00 light supper

20:00 meditation in the hall

20:30 optional meditative singing

21:00 rest or further individual practice


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what is a retreat?
about open dharma retreats