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~ Awakening with Horses
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What is it?

Awakening with horses is first of all a program based on the basic beauty of seeing horses in nature and being surrounded by them.

From this simple being, we find a way to interact with them in a respectful horse-based body language.

Furthermore we let the horses be a mirror to discover our own potential and to learn an entirely different way of acting in our life.

Riding becomes a beautifully synchronized dance, pleasurable for both the horse and for us.

Where and how?

On the land in Catalonia, Spain, a herd of genetically wild horses has been introduced by Gemma Polo Pujol, as part of a project to clear underbrush to prevent forest fires and to protect biodiversity.

These horses live in many hectares of the nature preserve of Montsant "Holy Mountain", and we are invited to simply be with them while they graze.

It is with these horses that Gemma offers "Awakening with Horses" retreats, group workshops and individual sessions.

Here is a list of the 4 basic areas offered:

Simply being with the horses
Falling into the present moment through beauty and calmness. Witnessing a sustainable way to clean the forest, promote biodiversity and prevent fires.

Natural horsemanship
Learning to handle, train and ride the horses naturally, applying the knowledge of equine ethology, which comes from the deep observation of their natural behavior.

Synchronized riding
Discovering the pleasure of oneness.
Aligning our bodies.
Reconciling with oneself, with the horse, and with nature.

Ground work sessions
Awareness of the body, mind, and heart.
Meditation, yoga, chi gong.
Recognition of our own potential.

For whom?

For anyone who loves nature, horses, and the process of awakening.

For more information, please write Gemma at open dharma meditation retreats info


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awakening with horses open dharma
awakening with horses open dharma
awakening with horses open dharma