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~ Deep rest retreat

~ About deep rest retreat

Meditation through deep rest brings a new experience of power: not tension and force, but sustainable ease, confidence, and generosity.

By literally resting, we learn the art of relaxing and allowing energy to come through as inspiration, release of unnecessary burdens, and a power that is inseparable from wise care for the well-being of the whole.
We will have the chance on retreat to experiment with techniques that help either to harness the power of the mind or to dig gently and irresistibly into subtle levels of the knowing heart. Techniques can help us get started on or deepen in our own unique and alive path.

~Reclining meditation seamlessly integrates with Jin Shin Jyutsu.
~Yoga, connected movement, and walking complement stillness.
~Guided meditations, interviews with facilitators, and talks or dialogues enrich the silence.

On retreat we have a chance to rest into our true nature not only by training the mind, but also by learning to trust and be moved by or within the deep heart.
Restfully connected within, we can feel the eyes of our deepest wisdom opening.


~ Lying down for meditation

The sitting posture, associated with work, tends to bring out competitive or tense reaching for outward results.
We encourage lying down for meditation so that the body can arrive at a restful place from where the mind and heart may also dive into ease.

We may think that lying down for meditation is an escape from the physical pain and the mental challenge associated with sitting meditation. In fact, while there is definitely an intention to move away from distracting pain levels, lying down also eventually feels physically uncomfortable, too. We will explore different postures for lying down that can allow us to experience the original definition of yoga posture: "the posture in which the body can be happily still for a longer time."
Meanwhile, we bypass unconstructive struggle with the artificial and more superficial tensions in the body. And we have fresher, wiser energy to meet and heal the deeper, already existing tensions in the being.

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