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Just like plants that need good soil, water, air, and light to grow well, our Dharma life also needs nourishment, support, space, and light. Through people, friendships, places, books, videos, audios, links, and other ways of connecting, our transformation can flow with more and more momentum.

One of the most tragic mistakes we make is to assume we should be able to “do it all alone.” If we could have done it all alone, we would have!

On the other hand, if we are constantly involved in searching for help and nourishment outside ourselves, we may lose the chance to discover and grow our own strengths and unique ways of shining. With so many resources available through the internet, we need to reach out and at the same time make our best guess of what is helpful for our unique path in the moment.

Confident in our own natural potential, we can intuit which resources help us grow. We can make a best guess. We can be aware of the tendency to follow fashions, and feel again into our own wisdom. And we can also accept the importance of the times of solitude and fumbling in the dark. We can know that everyone goes through that aloneness, too.

Here we include some resources you may need. The past issues of Open Dharma newsletters with photos, links, poetry, and themes for investigation help many people connect with their retreat or spiritual experiences in their daily lives, as well as deepen in connection to themselves and others. You can sign up to receive it here. We also offer a collection of interviews and articles about Open Dharma and its teachers, a Sanskrit glossary, Jaya’s list of interesting books, and some websites and centers you may find useful.


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