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Open Dharma ~ To Open Dharma association
Nourish the wide-open heart that cares for the whole—through our retreats, teachings, library, recordings, website, office, and other infrastructure.

Note: US taxpayers can give tax deductible donations by check or PayPal but only to the Open Dharma US account. These are 2 separate organizations.

(these donations are not directed to Jaya and Gemma - see below)

Open Dharma Facilitators (teachers) ~ To Open Dharma facilitators (teachers)
The facilitators (teachers) dedicate their lives to the benefit of all, and rely on gifts to cover expenses.

Open Dharma Scholarship Fund ~ To the scholarship fund
Help make retreat accessible to people with limited income.

Dharmaloca ~ To Dharmaloca
Your generosity allows Dharmaloca to enrich people’s deep individual practice in intimacy with nature.

Donations to Open Dharma, Dharmaloca
and schoolarship funds are tax-deductible for US tax-payers.
Canadians may also deduct, depending on their tax status.

If you have any questions or suggestions about donations, please email us at:
open dharma meditation retreats on generosity


This world is a mountain. What we do is a shout. The echo comes back to us.

(The Essential Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks, p.232)

generosityAbout Generosity

If you knew what I do about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal go by without taking the opportunity to give.