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Open Dharma Nourish the wide-open heart that cares for the whole—through our retreats, teachings, library, recordings, website, office, and other infrastructure.

(these donations are not directed to Jaya, Gemma and Ajay see other donations)

Generosity is, paradoxically, an enriching foundation for life. We have found that giving everything to life, without holding back, is a trustworthy and fulfilling way to live. We encourage you to join us in offering yourself generously, offering services on a donation basis, giving more than you thought you could, and experiencing the lack of separation between self and other.

If you have any questions or suggestions about donating, please email us at:
open dharma meditation retreats on generosity

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Transfer from your account to:
Account Name: Open Dharma associació per l'harmonia natural
IBAN number: ES31 1491 0001 2210 09539220
Bank Name: Triodos Bank
Bank Address: C/ Ferraz 52 (esq. C/ Quintana)
28008 - Madrid, Spain



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Open Dharma

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Open Dharma (association)
2945 Lincoln Way
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Because Open Dharma is part of Earthville Network,
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Earthville Network is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in the US.

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* from Spain & anywhere else

Checks made out to:
Open Dharma

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Open Dharma (association)
c/o Nuria Pujol Casajuana
C/Camelies 43-45 5A
08024 Barcelona

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* within India

Go into any Indian bank and ask for a bank draft payable to:
Ajay Pal Singh.

Please include a note that says "donation for Open Dharma association " in the envelope and then send the bank draft by courier or registered post to the following address:

Ajay Pal Singh
A-1266 Indira Nagar


We envision collective creativity in finding fun and innovative ways to raise money

If you have any questions or suggestions about donating, please email us at:
open dharma meditation retreats on generosity


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Generosity is the foundation of human and spiritual life. Your generosity allows us to offer teachings and retreats for the benefit of individuals, the human collective and the environment.

generosityAbout Generosity

Fill the offering mind with the giving.

Sutta Nipata,

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