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~ Yoga, Pranayama & Chi Gong

Fluid aliveness can be sparked and developed in movement as well as in stillness.

~ Chi Gong

~ "Ajaya" Yoga

~ Yoga & Pranayama

~ Chi Gong

Chi Gong is a Chinese system of gentle movements to encourage grounding, centering and opening.

~ "Ajaya" yoga

Another aproach on yoga by Ajay & Jaya. More about it...

~ Yoga & Pranayama

The daily retreat schedule sometimes includes guided pranayama and asana classes which work together with the meditation and silence to spread consciousness throughout the body, quieting and refining the quality of the observing mind. The gentle approach to pranayama helps to recover the natural breathing pattern and cultivate greater awareness of breathing in all postures while the flowing and meditative approach to asana practice directs the body toward deeper groundedness and inner alignment.

Vinyasa – joining poses together – allows us to connect back into our center, to the calm and panoramic awareness that directs our movements. With time we cultivate and learn to trust a deeper and innate intelligence to guide our movement. Sequences create a space for the mind to rest, expansive. The truth-seeking body moves, life moves with it, mind spills into the contours created by repeated patterns in space, quiet and receptive as a lover’s breath. Sequences allow the mind and body to come together in joy. Breath aligns our movement from within, with vitality and in the truth and the freshness of the moment. Breath lends mind its brightness, transparency, and effortlessness. Practicing this way allows non-separation to become a felt experience.

This approach to asana and pranayama is inspired by the vital tools identified by Dona Holleman and Orit Sen Gupta.

See their book Dancing the Body of Light:

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