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Open Dharma offers teachings and retreats to encourage people from around the world to live a liberated life. Silence, nature, and deep rest are some of the basic human tools we offer to help each person deepen in her or his unique way. Since 1999, teachers have specialized in adapting meditation instructions to individual needs and in creating an atmosphere of gentleness and self-motivated exploration. Guided meditation; investigation of texts from diverse spiritual traditions; Jin Shin Jyutsu; and connected movement also enrich our retreats. However, we emphasize that the instructions we give are secondary to the instructions of one’s own heart.

While each person lights up in a unique way, generosity, patience and courage are symptoms of liberation. To bring about a culture of awakening, we offer teachings on a donation basis and rely on volunteer staff. Breaking the mold of meditation as a competitive sitting practice, we encourage people to try lying down for meditation and to play with meditative singing while in silence. Rather than promoting short-lived spiritual fireworks, we cultivate long-term friendships. We also continually experiment with different formats for teachings and retreats with the aim of bringing love and wisdom into “real” life.

Participants on Open Dharma retreats are diverse: from 6 weeks to 80 years in age, from over 30 countries, from all religions and no religion. We encourage each person to notice what brings joy and to approach spiritual practice with creativity—to consider family life, work, healing, communication, or the arts as an integral part of their path.

From two different continents, the teachers both began to dive into spiritual practice in 1986. Teachings primarily draw on our experience in diverse wisdom traditions—Buddhism, non-dual Advaita, Christian mysticism, yoga, connection with nature—and our own human experience.
We have offered retreats from Mexico to Australia, and from the Pyrenees to the Himalayas, but most events happen in India. If you are interested in inviting us to your area, please email: open dharma meditation retreats info

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~ Reflections on the name Open Dharma


available to mystery
hearts open to all hearts


that without which nothing can exist
"as it is, so it is"
the law
that which supports us in the same way that a tree
"supports" its leaves

open-minded, not relying only on what has already been read, heard, experienced, understood

retreats as a platform where each person can experiment and improvise her or his own unique path

teachings open to people of many different backgrounds, to people with or without religious practice

emptiness, spaciousness, room for everything open state–observing without observer

living for the benefit of all, not only for one's personal needs and preferences

allowing human potential to flower


open dharma meditation flower
opendharma meditation retreats

Open Dharma is also a "sangha without walls," a gathering or community of like-minded yet diverse people.

When we feel the fact of our interconnectedness with all of life, we are in touch with the vastness of sangha.

opendharma meditation retreats
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opendharma meditation retreats