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“Tiruvannamalai is the same by whichever route is gained.”

Ramana Maharshi

Tiruvannamalai is a spiritual pilgrimage destination for devotees from all over India and the world. Situated in Tamil Nadu 200 kms from the state capital, Chennai (formerly Madras), the town grew beside Arunachala (“unshakeable light”), a sacred mountain rising majestically from the surrounding plains. It is home to the sprawling and ancient Arunachaleswara temple and the ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi.
ramana maharshi
Ramana Maharshi lived until 1950 and is a renowned spiritual guide and mentor. Considered a saint and sage by all who experienced his wisdom, he was a facilitator of Advaita Vedanta (Hindu non-dualist philosophy) and advocated self-enquiry based on meditation.

During the cool months from November to February the town is very popular with western travellers and spiritual seekers from all backgrounds and traditions. Accommodation can be scarce during this peak time and should be booked in advance if possible.

Getting there. People usually arrive at Tiruvannamalai by bus or taxi from Chennai (3.5 hours) or Bangalore (4.5 hours) (see map). There is also a major railway junction at Katpadi near Vellore accessible by train, bus or taxi from Tiruvannamalai.
The old French provincial town of Pondicherry and the modern international community of Auroville, on the coast 100 kms away, are also accessible by bus or taxi.
Travellers to Tiruvannamalai can organise in advance a taxi pick up from Chennai, Bangalore or Vellore through Shanti Internet (details below).

Places to stay. There are many in town and some out of town (see table below). A lovely quiet place to stay in a peaceful rural setting is the Anantha Niketan ashram and retreat centre run by Gopi and his wife Chitra (see contact details below). This is the venue for our yoga retreat in Februaury.

To get there you travel towards Bangalore on the Chengham road. 7.8 km past Ramana Ashram there is a road off to the right. This is just past the Krishnagiri 101 milepost and there is a sign to Anantha Niketan and another sign saying Pariyapaliyapattu 3. Along this road the ashram front gate is 1 km on the right.




Email, website


Shanti Internet


04175 236 035
cell: 0 944 321 0235

Travel arrangements, Taxi services, Motorbike hire, Internet, Money changing.

(Ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi)

Dr S. Murthy

Ashram accommodation on edge of town.

Anantha Niketan

Gopi or Chitra

04188 207 137

Ashram accommodation and retreat centre.
(see directions above)

Nanagaru Ashram

Mr Rao

04175 235 751

Ashram accommodation 1km outside town.

Sesha Bhavan


04175 236 983

Guest House in town.

Daya Dharma

Guest House in town.

Pink House

Guest House in town.

Arunai Anantha

Hotel reception

04175 237 275

Upmarket 3-star accommodation 2 km outside town

Arunachala Ramana Home

T. Arumugam

04175 236 120
cell: 0 944 348 9811

Guest House in town.

Notes: This list of services is far from complete. There are now many guest houses and accommodation options in Tiruvannamalai. Where phone numbers are not listed above, auto-rickshaw drivers can assist you. Cell phone numbers may or may not need the “0” prefix.


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